MGL Ch.208 Sec.20: Continuance of action; temporary separation

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Massachusetts General Laws: Chapter 208 - Divorce

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Section 20. Continuance of action; temporary separation

Section 20. The court may, without entering a judgment of divorce, order the action continued upon the docket from time to time, and during such continuance may make orders relative to a temporary separation of the parties, the separate maintenance of either spouse and the custody and support of minor children. Such orders may be changed or annulled as the court may determine, and shall, while they are in force, supersede any order of the probate court under section thirty-two of chapter two hundred and nine and may suspend the right of said court to act under said section. When the court makes an order for maintenance of a spouse or support of a minor child, and such spouse or child is not a member of a private group health insurance plan, the court shall include in such order a provision relating to health insurance, which provision shall be in accordance with section thirty-four.