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Property division calculator divides total marital estate value by percentage distribution between spouses. This calculator will subtract the difference between the asset value and the debt remaining on the asset as well as consider additional debts when determining the final value of the marital estate.

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    Property Division Calculator

      Spouse 1 Spouse 2  
    Division of Marital Estate (%)  
    Specific Division  
      Fair Market Value Mortgage  
    Home (1)  
    Home (2)  
    Home (3)  
    Vehicle (1)  
    Vehicle (2)  
    Vehicle (3)  
    Pension (1)  
    Pension (2)  
    Business (1)  
    Business (2)  
    Checking Account (1)  
    Checking Account (2)  
    Checking Account (3)  
    Savings Account (1)  
    Saving Account (2)  
    Saving Account (3)  
    401 k (1)  
    401 k (2)  
    Inheritance (1)  
    Inheritance (2)  
    Other Account (1)  
    Other Account (2)  
    Other Account (3)  
    DEBT Value of Debt  
    Credit Card (1)  
    Credit Card (2)  
    Other Debt (1)  
    Other Debt (2)  
    Other Debt (3)  
    Other Debt (4)  
    Other Debt (5)  
    Total Marital Estate    
      Spouse 1 Spouse 2  
    Division of Assets